Thursday, March 08, 2007

New Releases - 09/03/07

Here I am again with this weeks new releases. Let's see if there's anything exciting in store this time...

Nintendo DS

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
Mario vs Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis

It's a pretty good week for DS fans if you're a fan of platform puzzlers. Personally I'm starting to get a little tired of the Metroid style Castlevania games as Konami seemingly chuck another one out every year, and they've been doing it since Symphony of the Night (which has never been bettered). A return of the original straight platforming instead of the RPG hybrid would be a nice change of pace. MvDK2 has been compared to Lemmings, but it has plenty of original ideas of its own and is well worth a look.


Trackmania United

has potential - it's a new action RPG and you just can't get enough of those in my opinion. Will it go down the Diablo-esque route that so many others have or manage to bring something new to the table? Trackmania United is a "best of" compilation of all the games in the series so far (Original, Power Up, Sunrise, Extreme and Nations) brought together under one interface and given a visual update. There's also new building blocks and a more organised multiplayer mode that makes it easier to find clans and teams divided by country.

Nintendo Wii

SSX Blur

I've been a fan of the SSX games ever since the original came out at the launch of the PS2, but I didn't enjoy the last game, SSX On Tour quite so much. SSX Blur looks like it has more in common with Tricky and Out of Bounds which is no bad thing as they were the best games in the series. As long as the controls don't let the side down we should be in for another quality snow racer with a stonking soundtrack.

Import Corner

God of War II - PS2
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 - Wii

I wasn't that keen of the original God of War really, I found it a bit boring. Not because of the setting, I love Greek mythology, but the gameplay didn't really grab me. I know an awful lot of people thought it was fantastic though, so they should definitely check out the sequel. If anything, it definitely shows of the power of the PS2.

I would really like to try Tiger Woods on the Wii just to see how well they've carried off the controls. If it plays well I would probably buy it, as the previous games in the franchise have been absolutely rammed with content.

The RetroModern Gaming blog Pick of the Week

I do love my RPG's and Silverfall looks extremely promising.

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