Friday, November 16, 2007

The Christmas Gaming Gift Guide Part 3: Gaming on a budget

This weeks update is a bit later than usual, but at least I am managing to update on a regular basis! Here is part 3 of my 4 part Christmas Guide, this time looking at 10 of the best games available for a budget price (which I define as being under £20). Most of the games here aren't new by any means, but they do come highly recommended. I will list the best price I managed to find the game for, but prices vary so make sure you shop around a bit first!

Kingdom Hearts 2 - PS2 - Out Now - Best Price: £10

If you are a fan of Disney, Final Fantasy, Action RPG's, or all of these, then you'll probably love Kingdom Hearts 2. The plot can be a little confusing to start with if you missed the original game, but you will be gradually brought up to speed as you play the game. As well as the usual worlds such as The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, this time you will also visit the characters from Pirates of the Carribbean at Port Royale and also travel to the virtual world of Tron.

Metal Slug Anthology - PSP, PS2, Wii - Out Now - Best Price: £10

7 games for £10 is bloody good value for money no matter who you ask. Granted, they are all pretty much the same sort of thing, but you will have great fun playing through them. Take control of Marco or one of the many other playable characters and take on Nazi-esque enemies, aliens, zombies, giant enemy crabs, robots of all shapes and sizes and many other weird and wonderful creations. The action is extremely frantic in my opinion is a perfect fit for the PSP. For the full details on this game, check out my review from a few weeks back.

Puzzle Quest - DS, PSP - Out Now - Best Price: £15

Take the basic puzzle game concept of Bejewelled, and then fuse it within the trappings of an RPG, and what you get is Puzzle Quest. You gain experience, mana or gold from removing pieces, or you can deal damage to your opponent by taking skull pieces and casting magic spells. Your reperoire of spells and skills increases as you level up, and eventually you will be able to tame beasts and use their skills as well. Puzzle Quest is extremely addictive and I highly recommend it to all.

Final Fantasy XII - PS2 - Out Now - Best Price: £10

£10 is an amazing price for one of the best games of last year (this year if you had to wait for the PAL release). This is the biggest overhaul the series has had since Final Fantasy VII, and I for one really enjoyed it. The graphics, music, storyline and new battle engine all came together to deliver a truely amazing game. Thanks to the rise of the next generation consoles, PS2 games are rapidly reducing in price, much to the gamers advantage. Go and get it now!

Wii Zapper + Link's Crossbow Training - Wii - Out 07/12/07 - Best Price: £20

One of the most enjoyable multiplayer games for the Wii so far was actually the shooting game which was included in Wii Play in my opinion. It's just a shame the levels were exactly the same each time - abit more variety would've have elevated it to true classic status. This could be exactly what I need - a more developed shooting game, set in the familiar land of Hyrule, which comes packaged with the plastic holster than can also be used with games like Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles.

Killer 7 - Gamecube, PS2 - Out Now - Best Price: £5

Killer 7
is one of the most overlooked games to be released within the lifespan of the Gamecube, and also one of the best. It is also, as those who have played it will attest to, extremely weird. The Killer 7 referred to in the title are in fact the split personalities of one man - Harman Smith, who must go up agains the horrible monstrous "smiles". The spiritual successor, No More Heroes, is out soon for the Wii, so now would be a good time to catch up with the original.

Dragon Quest VIII - PS2 - Out Now - Best Price: £15

This remains my favourite RPG that was released on the PS2 for many reasons - amazing visuals, a scintillating score, a fun a plot and enjoyable/addictive gameplay. Plus the fact that it gives over 60 hours of quality entertainment. Anybody who is even remotely interested in Japanese RPG's should go and get themselves a copy of Dragon Quest VIII straight away, and then while away the winter months - combined with FFXII, it's unbeatable!

Burnout Dominator - PSP - Out Now - Best Price: £10

Each of the games in the Burnout franchise have traditionally brought something new to the table, but I'm afraid I can't really say that for Dominator, which was brought out more as a filler title between Burnout Revenge and Paradise with its newfangled free roaming mode.. That said, it's still a brilliant game which works extremely well on the PSP, and is a great improvement over Burnout Legends, with improved graphics and brand new tracks rather than hand-me-downs from previous games. Fans of the series should definitely consider picking it now that it can be found at a bargain price!

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath - Xbox - Out Now - Best Price: £8

Those of you who still have your original Xbox in a working condition should definitely consider purchasing this little gem if you haven't already. Though this game unfortunately put the final nail in the coffin of the Oddworld series due to its monumental lack of sales, that really isn't any indication of the overall quality. It's a first-person shooter with a sense of humour, which combines pure fantasy with the traditions of the Wild West, and is an excellent game.

WipEout Pulse - PSP - Out Now - Best Price: £15

Now this really is an incredible bargain! The latest entry in the WipEout series has only just been released, but it can already be found for £15! The game has more tracks, weapons, teams, and modes - everthing you'd expect from a sequel. The graphics are a noticeable improvement from Pure, and the Mag Strip is introduced which lets your craft flip flop from the ground to the ceiling and back again during the course of a race. Downloadable content is promised, just like the original game (which remains one of the few games to offer such as thing to this day), as is proper online play thanks to the Infrafstructure mode. There should be enough game in here to keep you busy for quite some time.

That's it for part 3. Come back next week for the fourth and final part of my Christmas Gaming Gift Guide, where I take what I consider to be the five best downloadable Virtual Console and Xbox Live Arcade games and present them to you.

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