Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wibblefish's Backloggery

Hi All, my holiday is now over (boo) and I'm about to start updating the blog again regularly (yay!). Over the next week or two I will be rebranding the "Top 100 Games of the Last Generation" feature as The Vault, as it is not really working for me in it's current format. Having to come up with 100 games puts me under quite a lot of pressure, and at the rate we've been going it would take an eternity to get there. This way I can add something to The Vault as and when I think of them or discover them.

I would like to highlight a very cool site that I stumbled on during my time off, The Backloggery. It is designed to let you enter you gaming collection, keep track of what you have beaten or completed 100%, tell others what you're playing at the moment, and can suggest a game from your collection to play with the Fortune Cookie feature. I have entered all of my games, which took just over week, and I have only beaten 24% of them! It has actually motivated me to try and finish the games I have partially played through and dig out older titles that have remained untouched. During my time off I have managed to complete Kingdom Hearts 2 (review soon) and have taken a character all the way to the level cap in Guild Wars: Factions. You can check out my backlog here, and I recommend setting one up yourself if you have a lot of games!

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