Monday, October 17, 2011

Announcing... Dragon Quest Fest!

So... the week long series of reviews isn't going to be happening this week.  Sorry about that. 

However, I am going to start a project that may take a little while to complete but should be worth it in the end: Dragon Quest Fest

In some ways this has already been started because there are reviews of Dragon Quest VIII and IV already on the site, but I am gradually going to add reviews of all of the other main entries in the series and perhaps DQ Monsters Joker 2 as well.  My review of Dragon Quest IX will be published as part of my week of reviews which I really hope will happen next week now, and Dragon Quest V shouldn't be too far off either as I am just reaching the end of the second major part of the game on my commute to work.

Unfortunately, when I changed templates a while ago my review of DQVIII got mangled in the process, so my first job is to go back, fix all the paragraph spacing and weird extra characters that were added, find some screen shots to liven it up and some video if there is some available.  There will also be one other special article on the series as whole that I hope to get up by the end of this week.

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