Wednesday, January 22, 2014

More Let's Plays - The Last Story and Beyond: Two Souls

I've recently launched two more Let's Plays on my RMGB TV 2 YouTube Channel, for The Last Story and Beyond: Two Souls respectively.  I've decided that two concurrent series is enough, as the lengthy upload process limits how much I can produce anyway.  Beyond: Two Souls shouldn't be all that long - maybe somewhere in the region of 20 episodes total.  The Last Story may go on for quite a lot longer, such is the nature of RPG's.  After one of these has run their course, I will then start a new one and tell you all about it here.  My intention is to include PlayStation 1 and 2 titles eventually, but I have to buy a special PS2 to HDMI cable first before I can do this.  You can find the playlists below.

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