Friday, October 07, 2016

Game Diary: Autumn Update

It's been quite some time since I last had an update, or any type of post at all for that matter, so I thought I would bring you up to speed with what's been going on lately and my plans for both this blog and the YouTube channel.

Those of you who are subscribed on YouTube will be aware that the second season of Covertape Chaos ended a little while ago.  I am taking a well-earned break from making those for a while; though I am still really busy creating other content.  I recently started taking a look at some of the games in my Steam collection - so far I have videos for Ember, Chronology and Glorkian Warrior.  These initial glances will become full reviews just as soon as I have had time to complete each of them!

Next, I have been planning a new series that will take a look at some of the more overlooked games of the prior generation for quite some time, and I am nearly ready to post the first episode and article.  That one will take a look at Darksiders, the Zelda style action adventure from Vigil Entertainment.  Other episodes in the series will cover Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, de Blob 2, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Blur, Split Second and more besides.  I am not going to commit to a regular schedule for these because I want to take my time playing or replaying each game, so new episodes will appear sporadically.  The Darksiders episode will be up next Tuesday though.

Also coming soon will be another pickups video.  Over the last few months I have acquired a nice pile of games, both brand new and older, so it's about time I went through them all with you.  Then after that I will be bringing back PS2 Tuesday for another season.  So far I know that Shadow Hearts will definitely be part of it - I am currently in the back half of the game and just need to crack on and finish it.  I don't think I will bother going for the good ending this time, I have done so twice before already and it's not canon anyway - the sequel disregards everything that happens in it!  I also have quite a few other PS2 titles that I would like to be part of season 4: Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2, Lumines Plus, Motorstorm: Artic Edge and much more besides. Hopefully I can get the ball rolling on the new season by the start of November, but don't hold me to that!

Sprinkled in and around all of these will be other stuff like the odd episode of RetroGrade when I feel the need to play some of the classics, and maybe the occasional review of a new game as well.  Silly season is well upon us already, with games like Forza Horizon 3, X-COM 2, Mafia 3, Gears of War 4 and Dragon Quest Builders either out already or just around the corner.  That's just for starters as well.  2016 is set to be remembered as another great one in the annals of video gaming!  Covertape Chaos will also be back, but not until 2017. You can rest assured that I am 100% committed to getting through all 64 Power Packs though!

Thanks for letting me witter on for a bit and listening to my plans for this rather modest blog and RMGB TV, its YouTube spin off.  I'll see you again next Tuesday for that Darksiders article - in the meantime take care!

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