Friday, October 08, 2004

New Releases - 08/10/2004

Okay, I don't have a lot of time to hang about today so I'll get straight to the point.

PlayStation 2:

Crash Twinsanity
FIFA Football 2005
Gradius V
NHL 2005
Tony Hawk's Underground 2

The only thing of slight interest me here this week is Gradius V, made by the geniuse at Treasure who have also made classics like Radiant Silvergun, Guardian Heroes, Ikaruga and more. If retro shooters are your bag, then go for it.

On the Gamecube:

FIFA Football 2005
NHL 2005
Pikmin 2
Tony Hawks's Underground 2

Yay! Pikmin 2. I'm looking forward to playing this one day, but alas, time and money are in short supply at the moment so it will have to wait.

What's on the Xbox?

Club Football 2005
Crash Twinsanity
FIFA Football 2005
Tony Hawk's Undgerground
Trivial Pursuit Unhinged

Fable - that's all there is to it. Don't bother with all the other pap, just hack and slash to your hearts content in a beautiful fantasy world.

PC time!

Arena Wars
Dark Fall 2: Lights Out
FIFA Football 2005

Hmm, I don't know a lot about it but Dark Fall 2 sounds intriguing - it's a new adventure game and we don't get many of those over here these days.

Anything of note on the GBA?

FIFA Football 2005

What a surprise. I really don't like football, and even if I did I'd go for PES instead, which many people consider to be better.

Import Corner

The release of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door for the Gamecube is imminent, which is fantastic because I'm looking forward to it more than Halo 2. No seriously, I am!

That's it for this week - sorry to be so brief. The promised article on the new Edge is on the way, I just got a little sidetracked.

Now go and play some games!

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